Menswear Runway Presented by GQ

VAMFF Menswear Runway Presented by GQ and produced by Event Gallery featured Arthur Galan AG alongside bassike, Calibre, From Britten, MJ Bale and Vanishing Elephant.

While it’s arguable that, by and large, Australian men may not take fashion as seriously as perhaps their European counterparts do, the GQ runway demonstrated that there are certainly an increasing number of local options for Aussie men to express their personal style. Bold Blazers, navy three-piece suits and textured layering are just some looks we’re bound to see more of next season. Classic Bowie tracks, some in their original form, others heavily manipulated, acted as the soundtrack for the entire show, making for one very slick evening indeed.Fashion Journal
Produced by Geraldine Frater-Wyeth Styled by David Bonney Event Photography by Lucas Dawson