Runway 3 Presented by Elle

VAMFF15 Runway 3 Presented by Elle and produced by Event Gallery featured Dion LeeManning Cartell, Bianca Spender, Ginger + Smart, KAHLOLIFEwithBIRD, and Line II.

What makes Australian fashion ‘’Australian”? And what makes it stand out on an international stage? Last night’s Premium Runway 3 at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival went some way to answering these questions. Although the designers on show last night were at varying stages of their careers, there was a certain ease, simplicity, wearability and effortlessness to their designs. There’s nothing tricksy or fussy about these brands. They are minimal, but design-conscious.Broadsheet
Produced by Geraldine Frater-Wyeth. Styled by David Bonney Event Photography by Lucas Dawson